What Sets Us Apart

A Gentle Approach to Dentistry

The doctors and staff at Champlin Family Dental, P.A. are dedicated to our Mission Statement, reciting it at every morning meeting:

Our compassionate team takes pride in providing a high-quality experience to the families in our community. We promise to listen, educate, and support you as a partner in your dental health. Together, we are the BEST!

For Dr. Bauer, Dr. Stark, Dr. Lawrenz, and our team, adherence to our mission is core to how we practice dentistry. We are committed to providing comprehensive dental solutions – not quick fixes – ensuring you achieve and keep your healthiest, most wonderful smile!

Our Dedication to Excellence

At Champlin Family Dental, we believe in caring for and building connections with you. Through dentistry, we are able to help you lead a happier, healthier, more fully enjoyed life, and we value the opportunity to be your partners in this process.

  • Our Focus on Communication: It is critical we understand your goals and concerns and, in turn, you understand your clinical needs and the options available to achieve the best outcome. We will talk with you, attentively listening and encouraging frankness. This gives us insight into what you need and any personal constraints you might have. As we develop your treatment plan, we will discuss everything with you, explaining what is recommended, why, and what to expect. This ensures you make informed decisions about your smile’s health: We will not proceed until you are comfortable with the process!
  • Our Continual Education: Ongoing research means dentistry is constantly advancing. New methodologies, materials, and technologies improve diagnostics, treatment planning, procedures, and outcomes. We stay at the forefront of the latest developments, evaluating each to determine what will be of the greatest benefit to you and your oral health. You are assured of receiving conservative, evidence-based dentistry, tailored to your specific situation, for lasting, healthy, and natural-looking results!
  • Our Dental Technology: We have incorporated a range of advanced technologies and procedures into our practice, selecting those we know improve your comfort, safety, and treatment outcome. From the use of dental lasers to sedation options to same-day tooth restorations, we offer the highest-quality clinical experience!

Schedule a Visit

Whether you need an exam and cleaning, have concerns about missing or damaged teeth, or are considering improving your smile, we are here to help! Please contact our Champlin, MN family dental and oral surgery office for more information and schedule an appointment.

Drs. Bauer, Stark, Lawrenz, and our team look forward to meeting and talking with you. Together, we will achieve your most incredible smile and, together, we will ensure you enjoy it for a lifetime!

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